by Michael Kinch on December 24, 2013

I’ve read my share of trilogies, and also wrote a dystopian 3-book series–THE BLENDING TIME trilogy. As an author I’ve gotta say I’m leery of a lot of trilogies for a couple of reasons.

1) Sometimes an author writes a really good stand-alone novel, but the editor or publisher thinks the author could continue tail of our hero and heroine. So the author might have to change the ending of the book so reader will want to know what happens in volume 2 and 3. (Not sure why sequels are always trilogies rather than bi-logies or guadilogies!). So some authors pump out books 2 and 3 (usually a year apart), even though they may be pushing themselves. As a reader, I rarely find vols 2 & 3 as good as the first. For me THE MOCKING JAY series was like that. I love Book-1, not so much Book-2, and Book-3 was a big mess in my opinion. Is this due to writer burnout with his/her characters and plot? Or is it reader burnout? Dunno.

2) As a reader it is hard to wait a year for a sequel, and then ANOTHER year for the Final book. Since I’m too impatient, I often wait to read a hot trilogy when all three are in finally in print.

Lately I’ve been sticking with stand-alone novels and loving it. I know the author has thrown her heart into the book, and doesn’t have to hold back material for the sequels. For me its like eating one fine handmade truffle vs having. 3 pieces of pieces of 7-Eleven candy.

Bottom line for moi, I don’t think I’ll ever write another trilogy, and am currently making my draft novel into the best stand-alone book I can. And I will continue to wait until of a series is out before reading it.

But, hey–that’s just me. I know there are avid readers willing to wait (and WAIT) for that next volume to be published. I applaud you patience and anticipation. I hope they pay off.



by Michael Kinch on April 11, 2013

The April 2013 issue of VOYA gives a nice review of Book #3 in the BLENDING TIME trilogy published by FLUX.

“The war against the ’gades is at full throttle in this concluding novel to the gritty dystopian Blending Time series. Picking up where the previous novel ended, seventeen-year-old blenders D’Shay, Jaym, Reya, and the rest of the New Sun members are coordinating their final attacks to take back Wananelu, the capital of Chewena, from GlobeTran’s control. D’Shay, Jaym, and Reya are also given dangerous personal missions to carry out and must overcome their past traumas to do so. Jaym has still not fully recovered from the horrific death of his blender match, Reya must face guards similar to the ones who abused her in captivity, and D’Shay continues to prove his worth to a native girl he loves.
As with the other two books, each chapter begins with an epigraph, a nice touch that gives readers more details about 2070 Africa. One of the strongest aspects of the book is the vivid descriptions of Africa, which is probably attributed to the author having lived and taught there. The series will appeal to teens who like war stories or fast-paced and plot-driven dystopias. With well-written and believable action sequences and a suspenseful build-up leading to a hopeful conclusion, The Rebels of New SUN delivers a satisfying ending for readers.”.—Marissa Wolf.


Ernest Hemingway’s 7 wrting secrets

by Michael Kinch December 7, 2012

HEMINGWAY’S 7 WRITING SECRETS I’ve always admired Hemingway’s prose. No “10-words”; sparse yett startling sentences. Here is some of his advice: 1. “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in shock-proof shit-detector.” 2. “The first draft of anything is shit.” 3. The good parts of a book may be only something a [...]

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by Michael Kinch October 16, 2012

Okay, YA novels have pretty much saturated certain genres, e.g.:: Paranormal romance; Steampunk;: Dyspopias: Zombies; Vampires; Hot Vampires that twinkle; etc, etc. I think we YA writers are going to have to think outside the box for new topics to grab YA readers. We could, of course, do a little cross fertilization of genres. Maybe [...]

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by Michael Kinch September 19, 2012

THE REBELS OF NEW SUN is Book-3 of the BLENDING TIME trilogy published by Flex Books.  It will be available in late Dec. 2012.  Here’s a peek at the cover:  

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by Michael Kinch August 24, 2012

The Rebels of New SUN is book-3 in The Blending Time trilogy published by Flux Books.  “Rebels” in is the editing process at the moment, but will be available in paperback or e-book at the end of 2012. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at the cover: (click on thumbnail for full size image)   [...]

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When Boyfriend Meets Parents: Tips from a Parent

by Michael Kinch June 15, 2012

Here are some tips for you guys when you meet your  girl’s parents. ( Only necessary if you don’t give a rip what the parents think about you).  Girls; get your boyfriends to consider these. 1) Offer the parents a handshake– don’t just stand there and say, “Hey!” 2) Don’t wear your baseball cap backwards, [...]

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“Less” Really is “More” (on Revising)

by Michael Kinch May 4, 2012

I’ve just finished revising Book-3 of my BLENDING TIME trilogy (working title: THE REBELS OF NEW SUN). One of the things I noticed (besides typos) was that it is so easy to write too much, that is, to hit the reader over the head with a point. Here’s one example of before and after revision: [...]

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Love Triangles vs Star-Crossed Lovers

by Michael Kinch April 4, 2012

In a recent dystopia discussion on Twitter, people brought up the love triangle in The Hunger Games involving Katniss and her two guys. Some liked the triangle concept, others, um, not so much. In my own dystopias (THE BLENDING TIME; THE FIRES OF NEW SUN; and the forthcoming THE REBELS OF NEW SUN) I prefer [...]

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Blending Time, Book-3

by Michael Kinch March 7, 2012

I’m going through a “revised” draft of the third book in the trilogy. This one will be out at the end of 2012, but I need to have the final manuscript tidy and to the publisher by May. In the meantime they are working on a cover, title, and publicity. An editor and proofreader will [...]

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